The Threat of Radiation is Real

Clarification about the current situation with radioactivity from Japan’s reactors and possibility of radiation poisoning is an issue we are not getting consistent honest feedback about in the mainstream media. But if you think about it, the reasoning will be obvious as it is being dealt with in the same manner as any information that has the potential to elicit panic reactions. It is a fine line to cross and a huge responsibility when it comes to how much information will truly be understood by the public and how discerning an individual can be about gleaning out the truth from hype. Fear and Panic can distort judgment, and we need to use our intelligent informed minds to best deal with what is at hand without relying on the mainstream media for guidance.

You may have heard things that indicate that the levels of radiation that are increasing in the U.S. from the faulty reactor in Japan are fairly benign. And then you will hear that we live with radiation all the time and since we have cell towers, computers, microwaves and various medical procedures that are a part of our everyday existence. We are told that natural background radiation comes with living on planet earth (atmospheric), and the effects are minimal. What you are not being told is that there are two types of radiation: Non ionizing radiation that comes from the above mentioned vehicles and Ionizing radiation that is given off by radioactive materials and is both natural and man-made.

Any chronic exposure to radiation, even non-ionizing can be harmful to your health. This is why mammograms are being re-thought, and cell phones should not be held to the ear for long periods of time, lazers require protective gear, and even overexposure to UV radiation can lead to cataracts, compromised immune systems and skin cancer. But exposure to IONIZING radiation either as an acute dose or long term dosages above the normal accepted parameters is deadly to the cell nucleus.

We are going to be affected even if the amount of radiation increase is only slight. Our bodies are only prepared to accept a limited amount of toxins and we have already exceeded that level with our current situation on the planet. Now is the time to take precautionary measures. Please read article on recommendations that are safe, easy to implement and prepare preemptively to give your body an edge when faced with this newest radiation threat to our health. Get your information from sites that are trustworthy and not lapdogs or corporately funded sources that filter the news.