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Authorized Reseller Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) Policy

Founded in 1996, Eidon Ionic Minerals is dedicated to quality and commitment towards educating the public about the true functions, requirements and benefits of minerals. We have great expectations for Eidon, and we are dedicated to its growth and success. In an effort to maintain the superior integrity and quality of its products, Eidon announces the following minimum advertised price (MAP) policy.

This MAP policy applies to all authorized resellers of Eidon products (“Reseller”). Eidon has unilaterally determined that it will sell Eidon Products only to those Resellers that comply with this policy.

The MAP policy is a unilateral policy and will be enforced by Eidon in its sole discretion. Eidon reserves the right to amend this policy at any time. The MAP price for any Eidon Product will be determined by Eidon and communicated to Resellers by Eidon from time to time.

All Eidon Products are subject to MAP and their associated minimum advertised prices.

Download the full MAP policy and pricing List

Follow the steps below if you are interested in becoming an approved wholesale account:

1. Please fill out and submit our vendor application found here : Vendor Application

2. Allow 5 to 7 business days for our team to review your application and send our response.

3. If approved, you will receive an acceptance email with all the necessary information to place your initial order!