Statement of Purpose

Eidon Ionic Minerals objective is to offer a method and products, as well as direction, to achieve an optimal mineral balance. The mineral and gaseous elements are the basis of all life as we know it. Additionally, minerals catalyze every enzyme reaction in every cell. These cellular enzymes, instructions from our DNA, are the essential components each cell must create to function normally. It is our belief that each cell must contain an adequate supply of all elements in order to function optimally. Optimal cellular function is essential for optimal tissue and organ functioning. When this occurs, one’s probability of achieving a state of being “in balance” and “at ease” is greatly enhanced.

Proper mineral balance is not the answer in and of itself. All other components of every cell must also be in good supply. This includes:

  • Good fats: Natural saturated and unsaturated fats and cholesterol. These fats must be sourced from free range animals and organic foods.

  • Protein/amino acids: The building blocks of all our cellular enzymes. Our protein should be sourced from the same things that the fats come from, free range animals and organic foods.

  • Carbohydrates: The primary source of our energy, carbohydrates should be sourced from organically grown vegetables, grasses, fruits, greens, and nuts.

  • Water: Our primary component should be as pure as possible without removing the naturally occurring mineral elements.

  • Air: Should also be as pure as possible.

There are other things which should be avoided at all cost:

  • Any foods containing processed and refined sugar and white flour.

  • Most processed foods you can purchase in a can, jar, box or bag, most of which contain refined sugar, flour and other chemicals you can’t even pronounce.

  • Distilled or RO (reverse osmosis) water which is totally devoid of any mineral elements.

  • Disruptive environments, either physical or emotional.

Once these changes are introduced into your daily living, the process of mineral balancing becomes much easier. The building blocks of your body,your cells, will have everything they need for proper functioning and your probabilities of being and remaining “at ease” and “in balance” will increased exponentially. Visit our ​​​​​​​Article section to understand how minerals can support cellular, tissue and organ functioning.