The elemental building blocks of the universe and everything in it, alive or not, are the mineral and gas elements we have currently identified and probably numerous others we have not discovered yet. Yes, we are in fact a living assembly of all of these elements. New research is demonstrating that optimal health is directly dependent upon an optimal cellular balance of these minerals and gasses. As we are a combination of water and dust.

The minerals play roles in structural support, energy production and proper cellular functioning acting as catalysts for all of the enzymes our cells continuously make in order to do their specific job.

We do not make minerals internally and therefore must consume them either via the food we eat or water we drink.

These sources have become so depleted, that it is virtually impossible to obtain the necessary amounts of minerals we need daily via our daily diets.

Maintaining good cellular levels of all the minerals is essential for optimal cellular and therefore organ functioning. This state yields optimal health.

Eidon provides a comprehensive list of known essential minerals in a liquid, easy to use format and a hair minerals analysis to guide you towards mineralibrium and optimal health.

Our Products

Eidon strives to create the purest products available. We start with pharmaceutical or food-grade raw materials with a purity level of 99.8% or greater. Every raw material that Eidon purchases come with a COA (certificate of analysis). Before using any raw materials in our blends, all are tested by a third-party accredited lab for identity, purity, strength, and for the heavy metals, lead, arsenic, mercury, and cadmium. Each raw material must meet Eidon’s requirements and be within the FDA’s limits of heavy metals before we would accept it for use.

We fully guarantee all of our products purchased on our website. Please call our toll free number with any concerns.​​​​​​​

Single Minerals

These essential ionic liquid minerals are naturally derived and simply the mineral elements in purified and de-ionized water, making Eidon safe for all ages!

Mineral Blends

Combining minerals can optimize their effect while making it easier to dose.

skin care

Our proprietary lotion and sunscreen formulations consist of Eidon liquid minerals, botanicals, and essential oils. They do not contain any harsh parabens, additives, or chemical preservatives.

Gut Health


Fulfill other balance recommendations with our selection of supporting supplements.



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