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Glycemic Index

Glycemia refers to blood sugar levels, namely, the amount of sugar (glucose) in one’s blood.

Glycemic indexes measure carbs’ from the perspective of their pure sugar/starch content in order to determine how they affect glycemia (blood sugar levels) after meals.

Glycemic Index of Most Common Foods

Food item GI (Glucose = 100) GI (Bread = 100) Serving size (grams or milliliters)
SOURCE: Adapted from Foster-Powell et al.*
Coca Cola, soft drink (Atlanta, GA, USA) 63 90 250 ml
Apple juice, unsweetened 40 57 250 ml
Orange juice (mean of Canada, Australia, & USA) 52 74 250 ml
Bagel, white, frozen (Lender's Bakery, Montreal Canada) 72 103 70 g
Wonder, enriched white bread 73 105 30 g
Healthy Choice Hearty 7 Grain Wheat bread (Con Agra Inc., USA) 55 79 30 g
Dairy Products and Alternatives      
Ice cream, regular flavor, not specified (mean of Canada, Italy, & USA) 61 87 50 g
Milk, full-fat (mean of Italy, Sweden, USA, Australia, and Canada) 27 38 250 g
Milk, skim (Canada) 32 46 250 g
Fruit and Fruit Products      
Apples, raw (mean of Denmark, New Zealand, Canada, USA, and Italy) 38 52 120 g
Banana, raw (mean of Canada, USA, Italy, Denmark, and South Africa) 52 74 120 g
Grapefruit, raw (Canada) 25 36 120 g
Pasta and Noodles      
Macaroni and cheese, boxed (Kraft General Foods Canada, Inc., Don Mills, Canada) 64 92 180 g
Spaghetti, white or type not specified, boiled 10-15 min (mean of Italy, Sweden, and Canada) 44 64 180 g
Ravioli, durum wheat flour, meat-filled, boiled (Australia) 39 56 180 g
Green peas, frozen, boiled (mean of Canada and India) 48 68 80 g
Carrots, not specified (Canada) 92 131 80 g
Baked potato, without fat (mean of Canada and USA) 85 121 150 g



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