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Basic and Important Facts About Minerals

Can my body make its own minerals? When we are born our body has a balance of minerals but they come from our mother. Our body is not capable of making its own minerals. We naturally rely on food and water to supply these necessary nutrients but over the decades food and water have becomeRead More

Are Cranberries Contributing to Your Toxic Load?

Are Cranberries Contributing to Your Toxic Load?

You think you are giving yourself or your family a safe nutritious treat by packing trail mix with dried cranberries into lunches or for snacks, but you are actually consuming a host of dangerous poisons. This is just one more example of how much life is changing, and in this case in the wrong direction. IRead More

Germs Afoot

Have you ever thought about what is on the soles of your shoes after a day out in the world? Recently, my vacuum expired so I have been sweeping the dust and dirt from my floors and started observing the amount that accumulates in one day. This stimulated research on just what (beyond the obvious)Read More

Liquid Silica: The Skin Loving Mineral and Much More

There are so many uses for Silica that are practical over and above the stated uses for tissue repair and joint health. There was an article in one of the newsletters I get that divulged many uses for toothpaste that went beyond tooth brushing. As I started reading it occurred to me that many ofRead More

Updated ‘Dirty Dozen’ 2012

When reading this list, please keep in mind that the safest option is to always consider organically grown fruits and veggies first. The following are fruits and veggies that will be the highest in toxic sprays and fertilizers: 1. Apples 2. Celery 3. Strawberries 4. Peaches 5. Spinach 6. Nectarines 7. Grapes 8. Sweet BellRead More