Vitamin D From Sunlight vs. a Pill

Yesterday, while at the bank, I asked the teller how she was feeling as she was obviously under the weather. The conversation quickly led to a discussion of other issues and she said she had recently been diagnosed with osteopenia and very low vitamin D levels. She was quite proud to tell me that she was prescribed a little pill she was to take once a month to build up her D levels and weight bearing exercise to build back her bones.

Anyone familiar with Eidon knows what is missing and what to do for thinning bone (silica), but what about the low D?

The first thing I asked the teller was what her diet was like and how often she got outside for a good walk or some physical exercise? She answered that she did not get out much when she was at home and rarely walked or did other physical exercise. I informed her that her vitamin D levels were a direct result of getting out in the sun where exposure to UVA and UVB rays from the sun convert the cholesterol in her skin to vitamin D.

She was quite shocked to hear this bit of information having been indoctrinated into believing cholesterol and direct sun exposure were bad for you. But, not to worry, they (the medical profession) had a simple solution-just take a little pill once a month and everything will be fine. This treatment plan is very Orwellian. We have entered the era described in the book “1984” by George Orwell. In the case of vitamin D, we are told to take drugs to lower our cholesterol (our body’s primary fat for tissue repair) and stay out of the sun (the source of all life on this planet) because it will give us cancer, but because this is what we need to make vitamin D, take another little pill to make sure we get enough of an essential nutrient we make naturally.

I think this is absurd…what do you think?