Healthful Uses for Apple Cider Vinegar

We know vinegar has been around for thousands of years and there is documentation of its uses since the beginning of written history. In ancient Greece, around 400 BC, Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, prescribed apple cider vinegar mixed with honey for a variety of ills, including coughs and colds. It is even mentioned in the bible in both the Old and New Testament. European aristocrats of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries were able to ward off the noxious odors of outdoor garbage and raw sewage by holding vinegar soaked cloth to their nose. vinaigrettes were small silver boxes the upper classes used to carry vinegar soaked cloth sponges.

Today apple cider vinegar holds a special place in the hearts of those of us who appreciate the simple gifts of nature for a cure to what ails you. One important point to keep in mind is to always purchase organic apple cider vinegar because you are drinking the fermentation of a nutritiously healthful apple opposed to a pesticide laden non organic variety. The result of the fermentation process of organic apple cider vinegar is that the natural goodness is not filtered, overheated, pasteurized or over processed and all the healthy enzymes and amino acids are present and available.

Consider some of the theses interesting uses for Apple Cider Vinegar and let us know if they were helpful to you, or if you have any of your own to share:

Sore throat:  Gargle with 1 tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar in a glass of water for sore throat relief.

Swimmers ear:  The American Academy of Otolaryngology suggests using a mixture of vinegar and alcohol in the ear as a preventive for “swimmers ear”.

Jellyfish stings:  The Medical Journal of Australia recommends immediate dousing of fresh stings with vinegar. Venom can be inactivated with vinegar.

Food borne parasites: In Ethiopia, Addis Abba University reports vinegar is being used as an agent to kill food borne parasites. Early results show vinegar does a faster job of destroying the parasites than any other of the test mediums.

Fabric softener: add ½ cup vinegar to wash with usual soap and it will brighten colors, inhibit mold and fungus growth and make fabrics softer. Commercial fabric softeners are toxic.

Less gas from legumes: Add a bit of vinegar to the water when cooking dried beans to make them less gas producing, tenderer, and easier on digestion.

There are many varied health claims made regarding Apple Cider Vinegar and I have only noted a few, but if you are interested, just research it and you will be amazed. This information is not intended in any way to replace the advice of your health care practitioner.

One Apple Cider Vinegar Legend states that “Those who sup regularly of the miraculous vinegar will be blessed with a sharp mind for all their life,” That’s worth a try, don’t you think?

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