The Search for Healthy Food

Sometimes I think knowing too much is a detriment.  A case in point is being caught away from home when the hunger pangs strike.  Where is it safe to eat out anymore?  This is especially true if you are not familiar with the territory as happens to me when I travel, as I do with some frequency. Forget fast foods, even if they advertise grass fed beef I would not trust it. High end eateries are sometimes no better, they just have the trappings; but you still aren’t likely to get organic food.

To make matters worse, I recently watched the film Food Inc.  This eye opening documentary is an expose on the food industry, the FDA and Monsanto and their collusion in the food industry, of which most of us are not aware.  Its visual footage is enough to convert most anyone to an interim vegan or at the very least a dedicated and concerned foodie. Never before in history has it been so important to consider what you are eating and where it came from.

Knowing too much is a blessing/curse situation but I would rather know than not. Knowledge is power as the saying goes and it rings true in this case. I will no longer eat eggs unless I know where they come from and I mean exactly what chicken farm. I always bought organic eggs before watching the film but now I am even more scrutinizing than ever because organic does not necessarily mean humane conditions for the chickens. Ever wonder why salmonella occurs more now? We have experienced changes in animal husbandry and food distribution practices that precipitate the spread.  I do feel sorry for some of the small farmers who are trying so hard to make a living but must end up conforming or lose their shirt.  It must be a case of becoming desensitized for survival.

Making my own food and knowing where it came from and who cooked it is my ideal but I do like to go out to eat too.  I have my favorites scoped out and researched for quality but going into territory outside my hood still poses a problem. Thank goodness I love bean burritos. I really can’t wait to start using my new dehydrator and stock up on my own high quality road food before I leave home next time.

Watch the film, Food Inc., and see if it doesn’t change your eating habits for the better!