Anti Aging

Anti Aging

Anti Aging

Anti-Aging, the Natural Way

Anti-Aging seems to be the hot topic of the day that is selling magazines and expensive remedies and enticing a desperate public of aging baby boomers with a promise of a return to youth. The media perpetuates a new paradigm of self worth through a look alike, wrinkle free, botoxed, and collagen-enhanced appearance. Pharmaceutical drugs are advertised with glossy beautiful people who in reality are professional models often years younger than the generation they are supposed to be representing. If that’s not bad enough, on the reverse side of the medication ads one finds the appalling list of potential side effects of the drug. Why should we have to accept risk/benefit type solutions when there are benefit only solutions available?

In a life that by the minute seems to be increasingly more cluttered with the detritus of quick fixes, I would like to share some sound advice about the topic.

Most nutritional experts will tell you that we must give our body the raw material it needs to support health. Minerals are the support and foundation. A healthy individual seeks to repair from the inside out and that is from where true beauty is reflected. When we are healthy and calm, our being reflects an inner peace. This is true beauty. Anti-aging means being the most vibrant and healthy person you can be and maintaining a lifestyle that is pain free and comfortable.

Eidon offers you a safe and sane approach that hasscientifically proven results. The only reason you are not seeing advertising for our products from the major pharmaceutical companies is because the pharmaceutical industry cannot patent a mineral. Therefore, they cannot have exclusive domain over its production and charge exorbitant prices for it.

It has always been our goal to increase public awareness about health options that bring results without any negative side effects. We know that results, not hype or misrepresentation, make loyal customers.

Now let me tell you some of the amazing things that Silica can do for you to help achieve the goal of a vibrant healthy body without the worry of detrimental side effects.

Silica will provide you with:

  • Relief for joint and cartilage inflammation
  • Promote collagen formation
  • Promote hair growth
  • Provide gastrointestinal support
  • Support for healthy gums and teeth

Silica has long been known as the remedy for enhancing the condition of hair skin and nails but it does so much for the health of the internal body AND as we all know, true beauty starts from within. Beautify your body inside and out with the remedy that is the gift from nature. Let Eidon Silica be your first line of defense against undesirable effects of the aging process.

Rick Wagner