Weight Loss Tips: How to Eat as Much as You Want, Whenever You Want

Why are sweets so hard to resist? What most of us may not realize is that sugar is addictive and the more we eat it, the more we crave it! The end result is a flawed insulin response that causes much more than just the obvious weight gain.

The easiest and healthiest way to accomplish any weight-loss goal is actually the most difficult to do. The good news is that it will not cost you a thing, and in fact will save you money. If you follow this advice you will see a dramatic change in your overall shape and weight.

The reason why this weight loss plan works so well is quite simple. The body is designed to obtain glucose (sugar) via natural sugars from fruit and vegetables and other starchy foods. We have not evolved as an organism by eating lots of artificially sweetened foods. When we do eat sugar, our pancreas responds by secreting excess amounts of insulin. The role of insulin is to manage blood glucose so as to not overwhelm the brain. If the sugar is not immediately burned for energy, the insulin carries the glucose to fat cells where it can be stored as fat for future needs. Given our sedentary lifestyles and easy access to foods, we are rarely put into a position where our fat stores need to be accessed. Ironically, when we go on a normal diet which restricts our food intake, we end up consuming our own protein (muscle mass) and not our fat. So, in addition to always feeling hungry during a normal diet, the minute we go off of it, all of our weight returns with fat now being a larger portion of our overall body composition.

The beauty of this lifestyle change is that you can eat all you want whenever you want, as long as it does not contain sugar or refined flour. All you need to do is stop eating any man made products containing any form of refined sugar or flour. Also, if at all possible, switch to organically raised meat and organically grown produce. This means that you will never feel hungry, and you don’t need to count calories.

Refined sugar is not some innocuous white sweet substance. It is in fact a powerful drug that most people are addicted to. It is no easier to get off sugar than any other addictive drug, and its side effects can be just as deadly (if not more so) than most of the current illegal drugs. Its disease states are quite pronounced. Some are as follows:

  • it suppresses your immune system

  • upsets your mineral balance

  • creates hyperactivity

  • causes obesity

  • causes Candida

  • causes dental cavities

  • can increase cholesterol

  • feeds cancer cells

  • creates an acidic cellular state

  • can weaken eyesight

  • can cause premature aging and loss of tissue elasticity

  • can cause gastrointestinal problems

  • diabetes

  • hypoglycemia

  • manic-depressive tendencies

  • depression

  • emotional and eating disorders, to name a few.

As you can see, sugar is not the harmless substance so many believe it is and must be dealt with using the same precautions as any drug. I encourage you to give your body a 2 month rest from sugar (this includes alcohol and excessive fruit as well). You will be amazed at what happens, and you will actually achieve a healthy weight loss.

The best type of exercise to incorporate into this lifestyle change is slow aerobic exercise. Walking, stretching and yoga are excellent for fat burning. Fast, hard exercise uses protein before fat.

Rick Wagner