The Solution to Poor Bone Density

Healthy bones and teeth is the first association that comes to mind when we speak of calcium. This myth of high calcium intake for strong teeth and bones has been engraved into our minds since we were toddlers and constantly reminded, “drink your milk!”

The fact is, when we were children, and for many years before and after our grade school years, the National Dairy Council provided aids to teach nutrition. As a result, everyone grew up thinking that milk is wholesome and necessary for strong bones and teeth but some very important details were left out of this equation. Many of us are not aware that milk is not the best source of calcium for humans, but is the best source of income for the milk lobby.

Calcium does give rigidity to our structural framework, but in addition to providing rigidity, calcium activates many other functions. Our bones act as the primary storage area for calcium. Calcium is deposited into the bones when available, and withdrawn from the bones when needed, if it is not available in our diet.

Calcium is so important that the body wants to retain as much as possible for normal daily function. Unfortunately, without other essential elements, in particular Silica, calcium cannot be properly deposited into the bones. As a result, calcium is deposited in areas of the body that are not designed to hold or store calcium, creating an over-all improper calcium management and ensuing health problems. Such health problems may include:

  • Osteoarthritis, characterized by calcium buildup on joints and on the outside of bones.

  • Depositions (as stones) in our organs, such as in the kidneys.

  • Depositions in artery walls (arteriosclerosis).

  • Depositions in soft muscle tissue (fibromyalgia).

  • Bone spurs that usually occur on the plantar area of the heel of the foot

When most symptoms of calcium mismanagement occur, there is only one thing that will naturally reverse the problem; the consumption of the minerals necessary for proper calcium management – Silica. Nothing else will do what Silica does in the management of calcium. Silica is the only natural way to reverse the build up of calcium deposits that occur outside of bone and tissue.

Calcium is essential for:

  • Blood clotting

  • Nerve transmission

  • Muscle contraction

  • Hormone secretion

  • Cellular enzyme functions

Bone Support

While most of us recognize Calcium as an important mineral for bone health, Calcium and other minerals represents only 20-40% of total bone mass and Calcium alone is not sufficient for proper bone health and strength.

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