Information Overload and Brain Paralysis

The current Newsweek magazine reads “Brain Freeze, how the deluge of information paralyzes our ability to make good decisions.” This is the kind of everyday stress that is fast becoming the norm. The article was referring to the craze of twittering but could just as well be applied to most facets of life in the fast lane; which seems to be the only lane in some cases these days.

A very important fact that we all need to be aware of is that all this mental stress to keep up uses minerals in the same way as does physical stress and emotional stress. When we are brain fogged or exhausted, it means our brain fuel has run low and we have hit a wall. It is like running out of gas in the car, which is exactly what is happening to our brains.  They become paralyzed. This is a very common occurrence with many of us because we become caught in the cycle of keeping up with what is going on around us. Only what is going on around us is accelerating daily, etc. etc. Our brains are packed with so much information that we can have trouble accessing some of it, just like a closet that is too full.

It has become imperative in my life to be aware of my personal planner and to make lists of daily goals so as not to be distracted from the prioritized list of expectations; some of which are self imposed and others not. I don’t remember having to go to this extent to keep organized 20 years ago. We live in a busier world and it is simply a fact of life, but it is also more important than ever to take the measures to tend to our nutritional, emotional and spiritual needs in a more conscious way and not be distracted by so much of what is useless information in our lives.

So, there are a couple of things we can do fairly easily. This current deluge of information thrown at us is overload. We can do what is necessary to trash the inconsequential stuff but often we get so involved we forget to filter. If you are involved in something and your back or neck or head starts to hurt, stop right where you are and take at least 3 deep breaths before you do another thing. Take that time also to evaluate what you are doing and its level of importance in the ‘big picture’.

Make sure you take the time to eat healthy food and don’t go for convenience. Nutrition is the foundation for health and that means our mental health as well as physical. Don’t eat fast food or pre-packaged food and expect it will benefit you at all. It, in fact will add to the problem. Take the Eidon multi-mineral, a great multi-tasker aid. Your ability to stay ph balanced depends a great deal on your mineral status and stress acidifies the body just as much as an unhealthy meal. Remember to oxygenate with the breath, alkalize with minerals, and nourish with whole foods as you start your day. Pull back from the constant frenetic information age and watch your creativity blossom.