Basic and Important Facts About Minerals

Can my body make its own minerals?

When we are born our body has a balance of minerals but they come from our mother. Our body is not capable of making its own minerals. We naturally rely on food and water to supply these necessary nutrients but over the decades food and water have become poor sources; and now it is imperative that we take them in supplement form.

Will minerals affect my medication?

Minerals give the body the opportunity to function more efficiently.  In this respect taking minerals may require taking less medication as the body heals itself.  This is something to be discussed with a health practioner you trust.

Will I need to take minerals the rest of my life?

Yes, minerals are something the body requires on an ongoing basis. As stated above, food and water are no longer reliable sources for the minerals we need to stay healthy in a stressful and toxic environment.

Can a blood test determine mineral levels accurately?

A tissue mineral analysis/hair test is the most reliable way to have an accurate assessment of your personal mineral profile.  The human body will utilize the minerals from your tissues, even at the expense of weakening an organ system in order to get them into the blood to keep a healthy ph balance and stay alive. Blood tests cannot give you this information, but will only tell you what is in the blood at a given time.

Should minerals be taken with or without food?

As long as you are taking a mineral that is highly absorbable your tissues will benefit fully from the minerals, regardless of when you take them.  Taking minerals on an empty stomach may be more quickly felt as the body is completing the function of cellular utilization, and not focusing on digestion. Taking Eidon minerals ensures absorption as they do not have to be broken down from a pill or capsule form that your body may or may not have the ability to do.