Avian Flu

The Eidon Perspective

We are now being inundated by the media with dire predictions of mass sickness and death from the Asian Avian Flu (also known as Bird Flu). If we follow the “experts” advice we must all go out and get the flu vaccine to protect ourselves from certain death. Unfortunately, there isn’t enough vaccine to go around. There are also other problems with this vaccine:

  • You can be certain you will be receiving some toxic substance used as a preservative. It may be mercury, formaldehyde, or aluminum; all of which cause cellular malfunctioning and destruction.

  • Other vaccine compounds are animal tissues such as pig blood, rabbit brain, dog and monkey kidney and human aborted fetal tissue, MSG, phenoxyethanol (antifreeze), sorbitol, and sucrose.

  • No one is certain that the current vaccine will match the virus.

Viruses are opportunistic organisms that live off of other organic material. In all of nature each living organism that has survived and prospered has been able to do so by having an efficiently functioning immune system. Our immune system is sophisticated and efficient – working every second of every day to make sure we survive and thrive. We successfully deal with viruses and bacteria on a daily basis. That being the case, then why is it that winter is known as the “cold and flu season?” It isn’t that there are more viruses in the winter than other seasons. To my way of thinking, the reason we get substantially more flus and colds in the winter is because of the extra stresses we experience during this time of year, such as the holidays, taxes, shorter days, school and inadequate rest.

When we are put under pressure, our body uses and excretes essential minerals. When we run low on minerals, specific enzymes cannot be catalyzed. Among these are the enzymes associated with our immune system. In a nutshell, excess stress compromises our immune system. Stress for most of us is impossible to escape. Therefore, we must be ever vigilant to the needs of our body – especially our minerals – by eating right and supplementing with those minerals which drive our immune system: zinc, sulfur, selenium and silver.

When we rely on individual vaccinations to protect us from specific pathogens we are accepting the germ theory of medicine. This theory, which is the cornerstone of western medicine, maintains that all diseases of the human body are caused by an invading organism of some kind. We know for a fact that many diseases are not “caught” but are instead internally generated. We also know that only some people will catch a cold, flu, or other illness when others will not. Why is this so? I believe there is a simple reason for this phenomena. In some instances, an invading bacteria, virus, or pathogen, will create disease in the body. The question to be posed is what went wrong with our immune system to allow the invader a foothold. What went wrong is our immune system did not function optimally. When this happens, we get sick. Depending upon the strength of our immune system, our reaction to the invader will range from mild to severe, up to and including death.

Any diseased state of a living organism is the direct result of the organism’s inability to function optimally. This is because there are raw materials missing in the diet which are utilized by the body to operate efficiently. Minerals are at the core of the issue. Also required are protein, fats, carbohydrates, and vitamins. If you have everything else but the minerals, you will still have problems. This is because all cellular enzymes (made up of protein) are catalyzed/activated by minerals. Enzymes run every function in the body. Without the correct minerals, enzymes can’t work and therefore a special bodily function will either function sub-optimally or not at all.

Eidon’s philosophy is to be fully prepared for the “flu and cold season” by maintaining adequate stores of all our essential minerals. This, in combination with adequate protein, fats, carbohydrates and rest, will do more to keep us healthy than any one or combination of vaccines. It is fairly easy to monitor the amount of protein, fats and carbohydrates we ingest. It is impossible to know how much, and of what kind, of minerals we are ingesting and absorbing. To maintain a healthy immune system year round, supplement with Eidon Immune Support to maintain adequate stores of zinc, selenium, sulfur and silver.