Why We Sell Other Supplements On Our Website

You may wonder why a mineral supplement manufacturing company offers the array of non-mineral products you find on our website.  Following is the logic we have used to create the shopping cart we have put together.

First and foremost, everything on our site has, as a basis, a specific blend of minerals. This is true of everything you see, feel, touch or eat, including you.

A significant part of learning about the concept of mineral balancing is that while it can be done in isolation, the task becomes much easier and faster when you incorporate lifestyle changes focused on clean healthy eating. This is the reason we have added other foods and supplements to help in the achievement of this fundamental lifestyle change.

The basic premise here is that you cannot eat junk and rapidly achieve mineralibrium.  This, I was fortunate to learn early on in the development of our mineral product line.  We must all focus on eating mineral rich bioavailable foods on a daily basis. As I address frequently in the articles I write, our water and food supply should be the first and primary sources of accessing an adequate supply of nutrient minerals for optimal day to day functioning.

It all begins when you eat a meal. It should be comprised of a variety of components including minerals, natural fats, complex sugars, and amino acids and vitamins.   Many people have compromised or inadequate digestive systems. This is primarily due to a cellular mineral imbalance--the lack of the element chloride. Our body turns chloride into hydrochloric acid in our stomach and this solution performs the digestive process. 

This brings up the first supplement to take if your stomach digestive juices are compromised—Eidon Silica—as it is essential for the production and maintenance of the mucous lining of your stomach.  This lining protects the stomach wall from the highly acidic hydrochloric acid.  (Hydrochloric acid will burn a hole in unprotected skin)  This is the root cause of most stomach pain and discomfort.  At the  same time we recommend permanently incorporating sea salt into your diet as a complete source of chloride, sodium, and all of the other elements we are made up of. This is easily and deliciously accomplished with the addition of Peruvian Pink Salt harvested high in the Andes mountains at over 11,000 feet elevation.  Throw out any table salt as it does not contain the proper and necessary balance of all of the nutrient minerals.

Our BSE (Brown Seaweed Extract) from kelp that grows in the pristine waters off of Patagonia, Argentina provides you with a good natural source of Iodine and Selenium that are difficult to source in the foods we traditionally eat. It also contains a vast array of other necessary minerals found in sea water.  Additionally, this supplement is rich in complex sugars, especially fucose. This sugar does not provide energy but rather is an intracellular messenger allowing for better cellular communication.

Gut health is critical for the production of all our vitamins. Because of the overuse of antibiotics, our body’s ability to make or process all of the vitamin compounds we use daily is highly compromised. So, first and foremost, we offer an incredible 1-2 punch of medicinal mushroom fungi and probiotics in our SuperBiome supplement.  It is available in powder or capsules.  SuperbBiome is a complex blend of 8 concentrated medicinal mushroom extracts and 2 probiotics, giving the gut essential flora in order to function optimally and in balance.  We have also added to our product offering 5 individual medicinal mushrooms for anyone wanting to concentrate on specific species.  They include Chaga, Cordyceps, Reishi, Lions Mane, and Turkey Tail all in capsule form.

Our SuperBiome, Peruvian Pink Salt, Chaga, and Lions Mane can also be obtained in four incredibly delicious and healthy chocolate bars made from organic, minimally processed Peruvian cocoa and sweetened with low glycemic Xylitol. 

We also recognize the importance of vitamins in their role as enzyme co-factors and that one’s ability to make optimal levels of all of the vitamins it needs for optimal functioning is usually quite compromised as a result of our compromised gut flora caused by all of the antibiotics with which we are continually bombarded.  Consequently, we also offer a complete B Complex supplement in a tincture and Cod liver oil in gel-caps to supply vitamin D, and a complete blend of all of the vitamins in our Bio V.

Taurine is available as it is many times recommended on our hair test supplement menu.  Taurine is an amino acid manufactured by a healthy body and used to deal with stress.  Specific mineral ratios on a Hair Mineral test will reflect the level of metabolic, physical, and emotional stress an individual is under (see our Hair Test section on our website for more info).  Taurine helps one deal with this stress during their program of mineral balancing and is frequently recommended.

Finally, we carry EDTA, Milk Thistle tincture and Dandelion tincture to make it easier to replenish your supply of the essential components of our Heavy Metal Detox protocol.

I hope this clears up our current product offering questions.  Feel free to call us at any time if you have further questions.

In good health,
Rick Wagner M.S.,C.N.
February 2023