Who Has the Responsibility for Keeping Everyone Healthy?

Today I realized something that really made me mad. In addition to the closing of non-essential business, whatever those are, the closing of
schools, and the order to stay home, we have been ordered to wear masks while in public. While it is all stupid as well as draconian, the underlying concept is as frightening as it is illogical.

The concept is this. The responsibility to keep oneself healthy and disease free has, within the blink of an eye, been taken off of the shoulders of each of us as individuals to the population in general. Somehow, it has been determined that if you don’t do your part, then you are responsible for everyone else’s illnesses. Never before in the history of mankind has this proposition been foisted on mankind!

The concept arose from the allopathic medical system. They have no cure for the flu and are helpless in dealing with it. So, they have in dramatic fashion, shifted the responsibility of everyone’s health to everyone else. If you don’t wear a mask and stay away from other people, and someone gets sick, then you are responsible. What is interesting here is that from my perspective, there is only one person that can maintain your health and cure you of any dis-ease. That person is you!

Given the number of people that die from cancer, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and pharmaceutical drugs each year, the deaths annually from the flu pale in comparison. And why is it that western medicine is virtually useless when it comes to curing these diseases? The best they seem be able to do is control the symptoms with drugs and/or surgery. They aren’t asking what caused the state of dis-ease in the first place.

The answer is quite simple and relates directly to the germ theory of disease. All western medical doctors are taught that germs cause disease. In fact we evolved from bacteria (germs), fungi, and virus’. In that evolution, systems evolved to deal with foreign invaders of all kinds and this system begins with healthy gut flora within one’s GI track. This is where one’s own microbiome deal not only with the breakdown of food, but also the neutralization of potentially detrimental pathogens. The second defense mechanism is our natural immune system residing within our blood stream. If both of these defense systems are not maintained adequately, One will, more than likely, experience symptoms described by western medicine as disease and it will be given some name. Many of the diseases are identified by tests where the individual may not even be feeling symptoms or feeling poorly. Frequently, an individual will be given drugs or have surgery recommended when in fact the tests may be inaccurate. In other cases, the individual may be feeling symptoms.

The question here is who has the responsibility for causing the symptoms and who should bear the burden? In the end, the state of disease was not created by anyone but the person who is sick. So, why should everyone else sacrifice for the sick individual. Especially since 99% of these diseases were created by the lifestyle of the individual or the individual’s parents.

We are what we eat! Eating a diet devoid of the essential minerals, fats, sugars and amino acids create a mess of one’s internal milieu. When it stays out of balance too long, being at dis-ease is the natural result.

What I am saying here is that we each have the ultimate responsibility to keep ourselves well nourished and therefor able to deal with pathogens. How can we expect others to shoulder that responsibility?

We should not have to!

There is a sinister side to this whole lockdown. Right now all children in California, if they want to attend public school, must receive an absurd number of vaccinations, all under the auspices of protecting everyone else at school regardless of how they maintain their own body’s immune system.

I am extremely concerned that this great state will now make the same requirement of every resident. This will include drastic penalties for those who do not comply, You just have to look at all of the mask wearers and their nervousness today to see how easy it will be to take to this next level. As I understand, a similar logic was used in Nazi Germany as Hitler came to power.

Shifting the responsibility of an individual’s health to everyone else does not solve anything except to create fear and loathing within our society, and to give our elected representatives, paid off and manipulated by the pharmaceutical industry, the potential power to require everyone be vaccinated. Keep in mind, this flu will change. Any vaccine developed will only work on the current one, if at all. There will be another one. If everyone is required to be vaccinated for the Coronavirus, it will set a precedent. It will only be downhill from there. Keep in mind, this is all being motivated by a medical system that has no cure for the common cold or flu.

Bottom line, it is now time for everyone to take responsibility for their own health. It is your responsibility and no one else’s. If you do not, you will lose a lot more - your freedom!

In good health,
Rick Wagner, M.S., C.N.
May 2020