Using Ionic Minerals for Immune Support

Minerals are vital to the human body. Minerals govern every chemical process that occurs in our cells. Ionic minerals are atoms with an electrical charge, making them the ‘spark’ that starts up the many manufacturing actions that our body does every day. The body cannot make minerals; we must acquire them through diet or supplements. Every enzyme, tissue, gland, and organ needs minerals to function properly. Our food supply has lost most minerals through improper farming methods. Even organic food may not be grown in adequately mineralized soil. Typical ground-up rock mineral supplements are not well absorbed (we are not designed to eat ground-up rock!). Mineral capsule and tablet supplements require stomach acid in order to be absorbed, and as a general rule, stomach acid declines as we get older. For all of these reasons, mineral deficiencies are commonplace in our population.


The most absorbable way to consume minerals is in an ionic state, this is exactly the type of minerals we should get in fruits, vegetables, and herbs that are grown organically in mineral-rich soil. Ionic minerals are 99% absorbable, no matter what amount of stomach acid a person produces! They are ready to zip into the

cell membranes (because of their tiny particle size) before they even get to the

stomach. Small amounts of ionic minerals provide better mineral absorption than

large amounts of ground-up rock supplements; a little goes a long way.


With the worldwide Covid 19 pandemic threatening us over the past two years,

many have been looking for ways to naturally support their immune systems.

Some of the basics we can all do include: limiting sugar consumption, taking

vitamin D3 to reach the optimum blood levels of 60-80, eating fermented foods and taking probiotics to enhance our microbiome, and consuming ionic minerals to assist our immune system to operate properly.


The immune system has many parts that need to communicate and cooperate with each other. Certain minerals can enhance this complex system.


Zinc is involved in over 200 enzymatic reactions and zinc deficiency can lead to poor immune function. Zinc status is also linked to our senses of taste and smell. I find zinc is most beneficial when it comes in contact with the receptor sites that line the throat, as it will in an ionic liquid.


Low selenium levels in soil samples from around the world have been widely associated with poor immune function.


Sulfur is involved in immunity and detoxification. The immune system can

work much better when it is not overwhelmed by toxins. Sulfur is a building block nutrient for glutathione production.


Silver has been used to enhance immunity for more than 2000 years.


Made in the United States, Eidon Minerals are pure, with no additives, soy, preservatives, colors, or flavors. Most Eidon Minerals have no taste; they are easy

to add to water, smoothies, green drinks, etc. All are made in a cGMP facility and

are 3rd party tested for purity. Liquid minerals are very convenient and great for those who do not swallow pills well or want to cut back on the number of pills they take. Eidon Minerals are safe for children and pets. Using Eidon Minerals is a proactive way to support overall health!


Valerie Hall

Nutritional Consultant