Smell Right For Your Blood Type?

Some articles read more like fantasy or fiction than reality. I just read something about a new concept in perfume that defines that idea of ‘far out’ enough to make you wonder.

A new perfume company has an angle based on the premise of Eat Right for your Blood Type. Now you can smell right for your blood type.

A European company has come out with perfume that a certain blood type is thought to gravitate towards via the olfactory senses. I guess you could extrapolate that specific blood types, according to current thought, have roots in certain geographical locations and certain smells were indigenous and would elicit that limbic memory identification. The new perfume scents are named after the A, B, AB and O blood types. Not to be outdone, another company has come out with a perfume that you ingest. The modus operandi is to take one capsule a day and a distinctive odor is released in your sweat. That would be a hard one for the partner with allergies. No longer could you say “I don’t care for your perfume” since it is really your sweetheart’s sweat that offends.

I guess if that mode didn’t work for you, you could chew a new Japanese gum that has herbs and rose oil that is said to mask unpleasant body odors with a scent emanating through your pores. It would be fairly easy to gauge the success of the fragrance experience by the look on faces you pass close by as your personal blood type fragrance and ingested oil caps or chewing gum did its thing. Call me old fashioned but I would prefer to use a nice lotion that has an uplifting essential oil in the formula…like Eidon Silica & MSM lotion!