Seaweeds for Essential Minerals

“All essential minerals are provided by dietary seaweeds. No land plant even remotely approaches seaweeds as sources of metabolically-required minerals (See Bergner 1997.) Seaweeds can provide minerals often absent from freshwater and food crops grown on mineral-depleted soils. In addition to eating seaweeds regularly, those gardening for food can use copious amounts of seaweeds for mulch and fertilizer (Traditional Irish fertilizer, see: Man of Aran, and The Field,) add seaweeds abundantly to compost, and even make seaweed tea sprayed directly onto leaves for foliar feeding through the stomates, as ways to therapeutically get trace elements into patients a trifle covertly.” — Ryan Drum, Ph.D.

Brown Seaweed Extract

The planet's oceans are the birthplace of all life. It makes sense that the health giving properties of its aqueous mineral solution (known as seawater) and the plants that live in it would be imbued with life sustaining elements.

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