Lithium – A Misunderstood Element

Today, when someone mentions Lithium, most adults associate it with the concept of mental disorders. It has historically been the recommendation of choice by many medical practitioners when attempting to deal with erratic behavior in an individual. 

What was not understood was Lithium’s actual biological function in the human body. Today, what scientists and researchers are discovering is that Lithium performs numerous catalytic functions in our cells. One recent discovery shows that low dose Lithium promotes healthy nerve cells, particularly in the brain. Curiously, humans are more frequently experiencing what is described as neurological disruptions. What needs to be identified is what is causing these disruptions. 

I believe we are experiencing neurological issues after being exposed to continually large amounts of toxins, including heavy metals, several of which are neurotoxins such as mercury and lead. We have no idea which pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides may also contain comparable neurotoxins. 

When this is compared to the level of Lithium availability in our water and diet, like most of the nutrient elements, daily requirements are hugely deficient. It isn't that we need large amounts of any of the essential mineral nutrients, what matters is that we get some each day to compensate for potential daily losses and to maintain good tissue mineral balance. 

So, what if the research is correct which has demonstrated that the presence of Lithium helps the body to support nerves and remove toxic elements such as mercury and lead. In my opinion, these effects are significant and should not be ignored.

I now supplement daily with this amazing element and am finding it helps me cope with the day-to-day stresses of living in our technical world.

I definitely feel better.

In good health,

Rick Wagner, C.N., M.S.


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