How Important is Zinc in Controlling Body Odor?

How important is zinc in controlling body odor? If you research this topic you will learn that zinc deficiency is a possible culprit in that annoying underarm issue we all face from time to time. The answer for most people with offensive body odor is to run to the nearest store and purchase an anti-perspirant. Some antiperspirants will inhibit the smell to some degree because it inhibits sweating. That cannot be a good resolve because we need to sweat. We need to release toxins and sweating is one way that we do it. Sweating is a normal body function, however excessive sweating can be a metabolic/hormonal issue and no amount of anti-perspirant is going to take care of that.

You may notice the malodorous annoyance more sometimes than at other times. Underarm scent can be influenced by the foods you eat, bacteria on the skin (good reason for daily bathing), excess exercise and hormonal imbalances.

Diet plays an important role in every aspect of health and healthy hygiene is no exception. If you eat a lot of garlic, just know your sweat may have a temporary new aroma. Drink lots of water and it will move through quicker, as will some accumulated toxins.

Zinc is found in body fluids, so if you cry or if you sweat or excrete excess body fluids in any way, you are losing zinc. The more you cry, or sweat or exercise the more you lose your stores of zinc. If you are not taking in adequate zinc to balance the loss you will end up deficient and your body odor will reflect it in an obvious way.

Since our foods are grown in mineral depleted soil, the body often gets sub optimal levels from our current diets. Eggs contain zinc but if the eggs are from chickens that are caged with thousands of other sick chicks, and not fed a natural chicken diet, the eggs of course will produce an inadequate source of nutrients. Animal foods are a much more bio-available source of the mineral, however to get the healthy supply of nutrients from your animal food you must be sure the animal is healthy. This is risky business unless you eat cage free, grass fed, organically raised animals.

Body odor is only one facet of why you need zinc. Zinc is a very important mineral for your immune system, the health of your eyes, your sense of taste and smell, your adrenal function and prostate health; zinc also supports normal health and development during pregnancy, childhood and adolescence.

Current research indicates that zinc deficiency is widespread.
Are you deficient? Try taking a dose of Eidon ionic zinc and see if you can feel (or smell) the difference after a week or so.

Liquid Zinc

Zinc is essential for the maintenance of immune system strength and glandular health