Eidon's Antidote to Stress

It has become quite obvious that many people are looking for more natural ways to support and maintain their immune systems through natural holistic means.  Customer demand for our Zinc and Immune Support has exceeded all expectations.

A topic that has not been addressed in all of the alarming headlines of the last few weeks is that of excessive stress.  What with businesses closing down, people on lockdown or told to stay at home, schools closed and people now wondering how they are going to support themselves; stress levels are skyrocketing. 

What most people do not understand is that stress burns up minerals.  The longer one is under stress, the more depleted they become to the point where they have great difficulty in even coping with it.  Today, even under normal circumstances we are all under a constant low level of stress.  With the current Coronavirus outbreak and the draconian government intervention, this stress level has increased exponentially.

Consequently, in these and any other times of stress, which is basically all the time, we must be diligent in our efforts to maintain adequate mineral stores within our cells.  Eidon offers you easy solutions to maintain this essential component of health.

Electrolytes:   Provides Magnesium, Potassium, Sodium, Chloride, Calcium and Chromium for optimal heart and muscle functioning.

Multiple Minerals:  Provides 12 of the most significant mineral elements in significant amounts, especially Silica.

Immune Support:  Provides you with 4 essential mineral elements required by the body to optimally deal with seasonal challenges.  They include Zinc, Selenium, Sulfur and Silver.

Lithium:  Low dose Lithium has been found to stimulate the excretion of Mercury and strengthen nerves.

Magnesium:  This element has a multitude of applications, one being to help muscles relax.  Stress burns off Magnesium and can therefore be the cause of tense muscles leading to more physical and emotional stress.

Superbiome:  Is the newest addition to our inventory of rebalancing compounds.  In this case, we are looking at the GI tract.  Superbiome works to restore your gut biome balance to an optimal state with a blend of 8 powerful mushrooms and 2 powerful probiotics.  This helps restore the communication pathway between the gut and the brain, helping to ease the stress response.

It is important to understand that pharmaceutical drugs may be able to mask the symptoms of stress, but do not address the root cause which is cellular depletion of essential minerals and gut dysbiosis.

Stay Calm and Carry On with Eidon.

Rick Wagner
March 2020