Don't Call Me Honey Unless You Mean It!

Bees are well known for their true sense of unity, of community, and of working together for the greatest good. What an example for mankind.

The honey they produce has amazing health benefits. However, it is important to recognize that not just any old honey on the shelf qualifies as healthy honey.

The benefits come from the properties in raw honey that are filtered out when the honey is processed. It is another one of the follies of our culture that we want everything to look a certain way. If you pick up a jar of honey and it is clear and uniform it means the pollen has been processed out. You are possibly even purchasing something that would not be technically classified as honey. Many commercial brands are collections from various countries with inferior standards. An even more insidious motive for removing pollen is to make it untraceable. You might as well eat sugar water. All this is in the name of having a clear standardized look for American consumers.

Bee Pollen contains numerous amino acids, antioxidants and other compounds that enhance the healthful qualities of honey. Honey is even useful topically for wound healing and burns. Look for little bits of pollen in your honey. Without the pollen, you cannot definitively prove that honey is really honey, nor can you identify its origin.

It has been reported that 76% from grocery stores, 77% from big-box stores (such as Costco and Walmart) and 100% from drugstores did not contain pollen.

Bee a smart consumer! Buy the honey that looks imperfect in its perfection.