Colon Health is a Reflection of Your Health Status

If You Are Feeling Sh—y,  Think of Your Colon!

As a society we are obsessed with cleanliness.  We sanitize and deodorize our houses, cars and ourselves. We are developing vaccines for every possible perceived threat. We buy anti-bacterial soap for our homes and we even carry it with us in our cars.  Many food markets now routinely have the antibacterial wipes outside the store so one can sanitize hands going in or coming out. We are told that we must wash our hands often, lest we become infected with germs that will make us sick. Companies are making millions by keeping the population in a constant state of fear so that they succumb to prophylactic modalities (drugs and vaccines) that end up weakening their system and creating new health problems for which there is always happily another new drug.   Pass on all that and simply tend to your colon.

There is nothing wrong with taking sane precautions, but we really need to think beyond the idea of only controlling the exterior environment and focus more on the interior environment… namely our personnel terrain.  There are so many places where fungi, virus and bacteria live on planet earth that it is impossible to avoid them all and we would not want to.  Most of them happily coexist with us. The most concentrated field of bacteria is not outside the body but is in your body. The greatest percentages are in your colon. These minute microbes serve a purpose, and it is only when they become imbalanced that a threat ensues. “Many of the bacteria in the digestive tract, collectively referred to as the gut flora, are able to break down certain nutrients. Normal flora bacteria can act as opportunistic pathogens at times of lowered immunity.[1]” Without a proper balance of gut flora, the human body is unable to make vitamins, ferment unusable waste or control the overgrowth and proliferation of harmful species. If the immune system in the intestines becomes compromised due to imbalances of opportunistic gut flora, toxins can permeate the intestinal lining. This can create systemic toxicity and the body can no longer defend itself against pathogenic invaders.

The over use of anti-biotics, coupled with increased stress and a poor diet of refined foods and excessive sugar is setting up the population for increasing serious illnesses.  Allergies, indigestion, aches and pains are only the warning signs that something is terribly out of balance.  You immune system is trying to keep up, but without help it is fighting a losing battle. Unless you are eating fermented food every day, and I mean things like kimchi or sauerkraut or natto, and avoiding all sugar and refined carbs, alcoholic beverages, sodas, and are soaking your legumes for 8 hours, you need probiotics.

Probiotics are best taken on an empty stomach and kept in a cool dark environment. When you start a regime that fosters healthy flora, your colon will thank you with more regular bowel movements and better digestion and that is just the beginning of benefits you will reap. If you have had ongoing problems, be patient with yourself and stick to the program. Your body wants to be healthy so give it a chance.  Forget the overkill of antibacterial soaps and wipes… just feed your intestinal flora with proper food and probiotics, and you will stay much healthier.

1. Samuel Baron MD; Charles Patrick. Davis(1996). Bacteriology.University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston. pp. Chapter 6. Normal Flora.