Collagen: Do You Need it From Animals?

Collagen supplementation is all the rage today.  Virtually all collagen supplements today are derived from animal by-products such as skin, bone, and cartilage. 

The most common tissue is cartilage and skin from cows.  When consumed as a supplement, collagen is digested in the body and broken down into its primary constituents to be utilized within the body for numerous purposes.  This animal collagen is comprised of complex sugars and the element Silica.  What is important to understand is that the body does not take this collagen and automatically utilize it in its whole state to rebuild lost collagen.  We must rebuild our own collagen matrix using the raw materials we obtain in our food, water, and supplements.

The most important element necessary for rebuilding our own collagen is Silica.  Silica catalyzes the Glycosaminoglycan enzyme in our tissues-which then creates collagen.   So, when you consume an animal-derived collagen complex, your body digests and then uses the Silica and complex sugars to make its own collagen matrix.  The question is what did the cow use to make its own collagen?  Cows eat grass.  Grass contains complex sugars and essential minerals-including a generous amount of Silica.

An excellent way to get what the cow ate is via greens, including the essential grasses.  The best way to know you are getting adequate Silica is through supplementation of pure Silica as is found in our Silica supplement and other blends such as our Joint Support, Bone Support and Multiple Mineral.  These products deliver the raw materials for our body to make its own collagen, as is how it should occur in nature.

So the question boils down to what is the best approach.  My preference is Eidon Silica, as no digestion is required and you are getting the element most responsible for human collagen production in a very bioavailable format.

In good health,
Rick Wagner, C.N., M.S.
July 10, 2019

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