Choice, Change and Power

One thing we can be very sure of in life, besides death and taxes, is change! It is happening all around us and it is happening to us, regardless of our feelings about it. Change is the nature of all life. It is easier to be aware of the changes that are overtly affecting us and usually we have a judgment about these changes. But consider the changes that are so subtle that we aren’t even aware they are happening.

Our skin cells are replaced every month, our stomach lining is replaced every 5 days, and our skeleton every 7 years. 98% of old atoms in our body are exchanged for new ones in our lifetime. These amazing facts are a testimony to the inherent intelligence that the body possesses.

We have the power to create a better, healthier body with every bite we take and every thought we think. This is so encouraging because it means there is always hope and we always get a second chance. All we need to do is be conscious of the choices we make, and if we make a choice that is less than positive and eat that nasty fast food, we get a second chance to do better the next time. That is how forgiving our body is. That does not mean that we can assume that the body will indefinitely respond quickly. After many poor choices, restoring good health requires more effort because of the impact of repeated assaults from physical and emotional toxins.

A traditional medical response to disease is to hand over a prescription and not to change destructive habits that may have precipitated the condition. The prescription drug may mask a symptom of the original condition but may create yet another problem for which there is an endless string of other drugs. Never in the history of humanity have so many people grown so old at the same time. A growing majority of adults over 65 are dealing with at least one chronic health issue.

We need to let go of conventional thought that aging inevitably means disability and replace that perception with the idea that we possess the power to stay productive and enjoy our lives, no matter what our age is. Just think of the positive changes that could take place if we believed in our body’s ability to heal with proper nutrition. This is no doubt a very frightening concept for pharmaceutical companies and would mean loss of billions of dollars if even 50% of the population would ascribe to it.

We are never too old or too young to ‘change’, and trust our body and give it the nutritional means to be healthy. If you are not sure where to start please call us at Eidon. There is so much scientifically based information available to anyone interested in starting on a healthier life path, naturally.

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