Balancing Your Gut Biome for A Healthier Life

Most of us regularly wash the outside of our bodies to stay clean and acceptable to our fellow humans. Imagine how you would feel and smell after only a week of not bathing.  It would not be very pretty and probably quite smelly.

The process of exterior cleaning is quite obvious and logical although we have now gone overboard and have become a germ-a-phobic society with our anti-bacterial soap and hand sanitizers (they are even at the bank) to make sure we are squeaky clean.  I pose the following question:  Should we not be doing the same to our inside skin—our gastrointestinal (GI) tract? What comes to mind is that this seems impossible.  How could we wash our insides? Certainly not the way we wash our outside skin.  Also, how does it get dirty in the first place? There are numerous ways this can occur.




There is an even more insidious cause which is very rarely addressed.  The growing use of antibiotics for almost every state of “dis-ease” and the excessive consumption of refined sugar has created a massive state of imbalance in our gut microbiome.  This state of imbalance is the primary reason why our insides are not clean. The antibiotics have killed off everything but Candida fungus and the excess refined sugar is feeding it on the way to being stored as fat. Eating processed and inorganic food is a good way to keep an unclean gut in a continuous state of uncleanliness.

While there is no way to clean our GI tract the way we keep our outside clean, the human body has evolved to maintain a clean GI tract through the use of bacteria (microbiome) and fungi (mycobiome).  When these two groups of living organisms are in a good balance in our intestines, they essentially become, among other things, our GI tract cleaners.  They accomplish this by fully processing all of the food we eat daily into the essential building blocks of life—minerals, amino acids, fats, and sugars.  They keep all of the other living   organisms in our GI tract in balance.  This includes Candida fungus, the grand recycler.

Unfortunately, today most of the population of the U.S. is in this state of imbalance.



While the cleaning process has been a daunting one for most of us, a solution is now at hand. What we have discovered is that we need to replace the killed off bacteria and fungus whenever we are exposed to antibiotics, something very few medical doctors ever advise.  Without a properly balanced gut biome, we will continuously have a dirty digestive system.  Up until now, all science had figured out to help was via beneficial bacteria supplementation under the assumption that an antibiotic only killed bacteria. We can get these beneficial bacteria naturally in fermented foods and by supplementing with probiotic supplements.  This approach though only deals with one half of the GI tract biome and has left most people who supplement with bacteria-based probiotics with only a partially clean gut.

We now know that the missing part of our biome is the fungus, which is also killed off by the antibiotics.  Without our fungal or mycobiome in good balance, we cannot keep our recycling fungi in check until it is needed—when we die.  In most people utilizing the current western medical model, this part of the gut biome has not been addressed at all and in most circles has been completely discounted as viable.  New research based on very old health protocols (5000+years) is revealing that this mycobiome balance is just as, if not more important, than the microbiome and may be the finishing cleaner we must have to achieve an optimally clean GI tract with our gut now in optimal balance.



The solution is all of the therapeutic mushroom blends people, primarily in Asia and Eastern Europe, have been using for 1000’s of years. The techniques for mushroom cultivation and processing into powders and tinctures has become very sophisticated and accurate, allowing us to precisely deliver clean, effective, and bioavailable fungi strains to the consumer.

Putting these micro and myco-biotics together now takes the guesswork out of trying to figure out what our body needs.  The new Eidon Superbiome blend makes the mushrooms and probiotics simple and easy to take, giving the GI tract all of the proper cleaning components to maintain a clean and healthy gut, which will eventually, with the addition of our mineral balancing program, result in a well balanced and fully functioning body.


Rick Wagner CEO Eidon October 2019

“Empower yourself and your health-Strive for Balance-Both Cellular and Gut.”