Are our ionic mineral supplements positively or negatively charged?

This question is frequently asked, and the answer is “it depends”.  There is not a single answer for all of our solutions.

For the most part, our minerals are positively charged in their pure water solution.  For instance, our Copper supplement contains Copper cations which makes them positively charged ions.

In some cases, our Iodine supplement for example, the “mineral of interest” is negatively charged.

Then there are others, like our sulfur, which are not ionic, but readily bioavailable.

To make it even more confusing, minerals like our selenium contain the mineral in a positive oxidation state but also bound to oxygen molecules which make the “selenate complex” negatively charged.

All of this is quite confusing and really provides no useful information to the layman consumer.

What is most important for you, our consumer, is that our liquid minerals are formulated for easy and rapid absorption and utilization by the human body so as to support optimum health and wellness.

The human body knows exactly what to do with each element consumed as long as it is in an ionic and elemental state and not in need of further digestion.

In good health,
Rick Wagner, M.S., C.N.
March 2023