Hair Mineral Analysis and Mineral Balance

Your hair can reveal a great deal more than just your preferred style. Many people don’t realize quite how absorbent their hair is and as well as taking on water when wet, our hair also absorbs chemicals and toxins that we are exposed to. For example, hair can be used to identify drug use or alcohol consumption. However, your hair can also reveal important information about your health.


What is Hair Mineral Analysis?

A hair mineral analysis is an easy non-invasive test in which a sample of hair, usually from the back of the neck, is sent to a laboratory so that the mineral content of the sample can be determined. Mineral content is important as chemically, all living organisms are a combination of different minerals and water. If the balance of these minerals is off, growth, development  and health will not be optimal, frequently expressed as the body being at dis-ease. 

When you choose to have a hair mineral analysis provided by Eidon Ionic Minerals, you will benefit from having over 25 mineral levels tested in each hair sample you provide. These are both minerals that are essential for health and minerals which could potentially prove harmful. 

Do I Need to Do Anything Special to My Hair Before a Hair Mineral Analysis?

Your hair will need to be carefully prepared before you can submit your sample or mineral analysis. This will help to ensure that the results are as accurate as possible. Before cutting your sample:

  • Wash your hair with regular shampoo. Do NOT use a dandruff shampoo as these contain minerals which could affect the results of your test.

  • Do NOT use conditioner or styling products. Again, these could affect the results of your test. 

Dyes, perms and other chemical treatments can also alter the results of mineral analysis and so you should not test your hair if it has been treated in the last 8 weeks. 

When you cut a sample, choose one from the back of your head near your neck. This is where your hair grows the fastest and any missing hair here is likely to be less noticeable. Take the sample from as close to the root as possible for the most accurate results. Include the first inch to 1 1/2 inch of hair in the envelope.

What Happens When I Get The Results of My Hair Mineral Analysis?

When you get the results of your hair mineral analysis, you receive 2 documents.  Page 1 is a bar chart reflecting what is currently in your hair, which is a combination of intake, daily use and excretion of each element.  The interpretation of these results is not intuitive.  It must be interpreted by someone trained and knowledgeable in proper hair mineral test evaluation methodologies.  You do not just take what you are low in and stop consuming what you are high in.

Page 2 is a menu designed around your specific results addressing which liquid minerals to take, how much and when.  It is structured to optimize all of your nutrient mineral levels while working to dispose of your toxic mineral loads.

Each set of recommendations is customized to your specific results.  This insures that you will be taking what you need and not some generic recommendation based upon the average of everyone else.

Because our professionals understand the best way of achieving optimal mineral balance is by re-establishing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, food guidelines are also recommended to enhance optimal intakes of the recommended minerals.

If you would like to find out more about hair mineral analysis and mineral balancing and how they can help you live a healthier life, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Eidon Ionic Minerals in Poway, CA where our expert team will be delighted to assist.  (800) 700-1169