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Eidon, Inc. offers a holistic approach to wellness. Our products are made with the finest, rigorously selected natural ingredients. These essential minerals offer cost-effective and beneficial ways for you to achieve optimal health, along with a wonderful feeling of well-being. Join those who are already enjoying the benefits and pleasures. Over the years, our minerals have helped thousands of people. Here are just a few examples of what people are saying. Be sure to come back to our site after you’ve tried our products and voice your opinion!

Silica, Magnesium, Bone Support and Multiple Mineral

Jules Fox, 07/16/2012

quoteI’ve never been prone to take supplements. I’ve always been a skeptic. Recently, however, I was convinced by a friend to try Eidon Ionic Minerals. Though in great health overall, I was having some toe cramps and had occasional issues that I pretty much ignored, including menopausal symptoms. Additionally I’ve always had weak short nails despite all attempts to strengthern them. To my surprise, the bounty of liquid minerals that I have been taking over the last couple of months has already shown results. The Eidon Magnesium has stopped my toe cramps, the liquid silica has done wonders for my nails and I can only believe that Bone Support and Multiple Minerals are shoring up any deficiencies that I may have had but didn’t even realize. I am now a believer in liquid minerals and Eidon products, in particular. Thank you!



Ana – 06/28/2012

quoteAfter six weeks,the dryness in my skin and eyes is 200% better. I was becoming desperate with the dryness in my eyes! My nails are stronger and my hair shinier probably b. my scalp is producing some oil that gets brushed down and/or it prevent dehydration. Other people noticed. A must for health. I take supplements and herbs and there are very few I would say are a must.



Carolyn – 04/30/2012

quoteI have been taking liquid silica for about 3 months.I am a 65yr. old woman. I really like the silica. I started out taking 1 tbls. didn’ see much difference, then I too 2 tabls. My hair and nails are really starting to improve. Even my skin is improving. It is not as dry. I had very dry skin, but not anymore. I really like this product. Thank you!  


Great Product

Alf12901 – 04/03/2012

quoteI have been using Liquid Silica for 3+ years and it is a great product for hair growth, skin tone, and bone strength. I can immediately tell the difference when I go more than a week without taking it.



Vicky Korbelik RN – 05/03/2012

quoteI have been using Eidon Minerals,especially the liquid Calcium for a least 10 years. I was concerned that my nails were thin, chipped and easily broken,and as a woman, concerned that if my nails weren’t healthy, what might be happening to my bones.


Iodine Concentrate

Shirley R. – 07/25/2012

quoteAfter only a few days of using the concentrate on my facial skin, the redness on my cheeks and nose is gone, gone, gone. Eventually I will stop using if for a while to see if the effect holds, but for now I am using it morning and night.  



Ruth Burk – 04/12/2012

quoteI have taken this product for over a year,and it does what you say it does,helps my tiredness,I’m not as cold as I used to be, if I need it I take another dose, it helps my brain fog, all I can say is it helps with multiple issues.


Hooray for Magnesium!

Jules Fox 07/16/2012

quoteEidon Magnesium stopped my toe cramps!


No leg and foot cramps at night

Toni – 02/13/2012

quoteI started taking the Bone Support and the Multi Mineral Blend. The very first night, I slept without foot cramps. I also took at homeopathic supplement before I went to bed. Maybe it was all of these that helped; I can’t be sure. But I’m sold on the minerals. Easy to take, too! My husband is also taking the Multi Minerals. I’ll let you know if he realizes any changes. Thank you.


Immune Support

Ruth Burk – 04/12/2012

quoteI cannot say enough about how good this product is, I own a Curves Franchise with all the illness’s coming through and my Son-in Law and Daughter live with me, they have both been sick this year with the Flu and I have not been sick at all. Praise the Lord, I had pneumonia two years ago, so I am very careful. I am 79 years old.



Doonie – 05/17/2012

quoteI’ve been using Eidon Multi Minerals for 2 weeks now and have seen wonderful results. I had limited use of my right arm and leg due to a stroke, but that’s in the past. My right side is as flexible and getting as strong as my left side! I used to take tons of calcium/magnesium to be able to walk without dragging my right foot, but Eidon Iconic Minerals taught me the importance of balance of minerals and the inclusion of the mineral silica for proper absorption of minerals. Thank you Eidon!


Best lotion I’ve ever used

Ana – 06/28/2012

quoteIt has really dealt with the dryness in my skin and it is natural too. I will continue to use.



Dionne – 01/29/2011

quoteI am so in-love with this lotion, first off, I love the that its comes in 16oz,rather than 8oz,like most msm lotions, plus it has silica, its not greasy, my face feels and looks amazing and did I mention super soft, I even get compliments,and I also use it as a conditioner, my curly dry hair is super moisturized, Now if only it came in 32oz, if you have not tired this lotion, if you have extra dry skin and need a pick me up, this lotion is for you. Love it. Now If only I could find a place that sells it in Toronto Canada.


I’m loving this product!

Karen Morales – 01/18/2011

quoteAs a holistic health coach I’m very selective about what goes on my skin and what I recommend to my clients. Since I have very dry skin I was initially drawn to this lotion because of the ingredients listed on the label. Now, having used it for 3 months I’m sold. Next to raw, virgin coconut oil, this is the only moisturizer I use or suggest others try. Sending a very BIG and heartfelt thank you,

Karen Morales, Nutrition To Your Natural Design


My Hair and Skin

Tracy – 12/31/2010

quoteI have been using silica primarily for osteoporosis and to help with my skin as I have the tendency to break out. Although I have not seen a HUGE improvement with my skin…it’s overall healing time is less than it has been. As for my osteoporosis, I will be getting another DEXA scan in February 2011 and look forward to the results. However, I was at my hairdresser yesterday, and without changing a think with my hair program, he told me that he has never seen my hair feel so thick and healthy. The silica is the only thing that I can contribute that to. I’ve also noticed that I have to get my nails shortened more often because they are growing so fast.

I just started taking the Multi-Minerals to ensure that I am getting some calcium in my diet as well. After starting the Eidon minerals supplementation and changing my diet to be eating more collard greens, almond milk, and natural calcium foods, I just wanted to make sure that my intake was sufficient. Like I said, the proof with be in the results of the DEXA scan….stay tuned.

In the meantime, I have my mother on the Eidon Silica as well.

Thank you for making this available and for getting the info out there that it’s not all about calcium calcium calcium for bone health…..in fact, I have read that Americans have the highest calcium intakes and also the highest level of osteoporosis….very scary!!


Eidon Silica Concentrate

Ahriel – 06/14/2010

quoteI’ve been using the Eidon Silica Concentrate formula for only two weeks and already I’ve noticed profound and wonderful results.The texture and thickness of my hair has improved immensely in addition to becoming amazingly shiny. My nails are stronger and growing very quickly. The calcium deposits that I had on my teeth for years are disappearing and my skin is becoming more beautiful and youthful each day. I’m also giving the Silica to my dog and her health is improving as a result. Her coat is healthy, shiny and soft, she no longer has flaky skin and her teeth are getting healthier. I’m so glad this product exists and I’m glad Eidon decided to create Silica in this concentrated form. The high Mgs make all the difference in the world. I’ll be using this product for life and now I’m looking forward to trying the other minerals that Eidon offers. Thank you for creating this high quality supplement!


Silica solved my Vet bill dilemma

Cyndi Montgomery – 03/08/2010

quoteI have been using Eidon silica for years and absolutely love it. Recently, I had reason to love it even more. My adult cat Henry, had a urinary blockage and I did not have the money for a vet. I began giving him a full dropper of silica every few hours, combined with Hylands homeopathic Bladder formula. Within a day I could tell he was feeling better, and within three days, he was back to his normal self. I now add silica to both my cat’s food nightly, in hopes of avoiding future trouble. Thanks, Eidon!


12% bone density improvement

J Unsicker, Jan. 2010 – 02/16/2010

quoteAfter taking a prescription drug that had osteoporosis as a side effect (not to exclude my age and genetics perhaps being a factor), I did not get a good report on my spinal bone density test; I was under the average for my age. Subsequently, I attended a seminar on bone health conducted by Valerie Hall, a nutritionist who works through Mothers Markets. After discussing my problems with her, she recommended I take five strontium tablets every a.m. and two tablespoons of the liquid silica in the p.m. After following that regime faithfully for two years, I was ecstatic that a later bone density test showed that my spinal bone density had improved 12 percent.That was a year ago. I continue with the routine daily and look forward to seeing the results in another year. Meanwhile, THANK YOU liquid silica and strontium.:)Just wanted you to know!


Silica drops

S. Reed – 01/27/2010

quoteBoth my mother and I have hands so wrinkled that young ones have asked, “What happened to your hands?”. After less than one week, my hands are looking better than they ever have. I am astonished. Can’t wait to see what they will look like in a month. Vitamin E helped but nothing like this.



Jennifer Jones, NC – 01/15/2010

quoteMy hair is thicker, my skin looks like velvet, and my nails are stronger. i am an esthetician in a day spa and i want to sell it to my clients. I swear this stuff is making me younger!


More than meets the eye

Mar Titus – 07/29/2011

quoteI know that I have difficulty absorbing many nutrients especially magnesium.I began taking it after discovering the importance of magnesium in glucose and insulin control. I was worried that the low dose would not be enough to do the job but was I ever so wrong.


California Gold

Patti Bronson – 07/25/2011

quoteThe most INCREDIBLE sun protection I have ever used…..I still do miss that extra citrus aroma which was in the original one though…..however, being a ‘Canuck’ as you know we don’t have much sun! lol but this incredible lotion has worked miracles on this fair skinned person!!!! I’m even getting compliments on my tan!!! woohoo!!!!

5 faithful years

Jeanice – 06/21/2010

quoteThe best sunscreen I have ever used!

Potassium without taste…I can’t believe it!

Arby Rowling – 06/11/2010

quoteI was so pleased when the clerk in the vitamin department told me about Eidon Potassium. I take medication that causes me to loose Potassium and this is the first Potassium I have taken that does not taste awful…and it stops my cramping in my legs.


Eidon Silica & MSM Lotion

Trish – 12/12/2010

quoteThis is the best cream I’ve ever used & now I buy it for all my family too.Thank you Eidon for making such a top notch healthy products for us to use! Keep up the great work, Trish York, BC, Canada


So great!

EN – 10/22/2010

quoteThis lotion is the best I have ever used that is free of chemicals, parabens, etc. It is moisturizing, but isn’t greasy, and absorbs quickly. I use it on my body and my face, and I even use it to shave. My husband has started using it to shave his face, and also as a moisturizer when he needs it. Absolutely wonderful!