FAQs About Our Minerals


Pre-Ordering FAQs

What’s the difference between the 18oz and 2oz bottles?

Eidon liquid minerals are available in 2 sizes: the  18oz regular strength and the 2oz concentrate.

The 18oz bottle is a HDPE food grade plastic and the recommended dose for each is one tablespoon. We recommend taking these minerals in 4 to 8 oz of water or other liquid.

Due to consumer requests, we introduced the 2oz. bottle of concentrated liquid minerals in 2005. They are delivered in a cobalt blue glass bottle with a glass dropper. The recommended dose with the concentrates is 30 drops, which can be quickly dispensed as two full squeeze and releases of the dropper bulb. This smaller size is very convenient for traveling, work, or when you only have a limited storage space. We recommend taking the mineral concentrates in 8 oz of liquid.

All of our minerals are available in the 2oz size with the exception of Calcium, Copper and Chromium.

In most cases, the 30-drop dose is equivalent to the one-tablespoon dose of the 18oz. bottle. This is not the case with Iodine or Magnesium. These two minerals are more highly concentrated than the regular strength on a dose-to-dose comparison.

Will your minerals react with my prescriptions?

Mineral supplementation has been very safe. However, specific drugs may have specific guidelines for use. It is recommended that, before starting any mineral or nutritional program, you check with your healthcare professional for possible interactions.

However, we have seen a positive side effect with our mineral supplements. As mineral deficiencies are corrected, the need for pharmaceutical drugs that mask deficiency symptoms may no longer be needed.

What makes Eidon Minerals special?

The proprietary methods of manufacturing our high quality mineral line creates an easy to use liquid (odorless and tasteless) that has superior bioavailability. Our minerals are made in America and manufactured on site with strict quality control. All batches are independently tested for heavy metals.

Do your minerals require refrigeration?

Eidon mineral supplements do not require refrigeration.

Do not freeze the silica or any blend containing silica (Multiple Mineral, Bone Support, and Joint Support) as it cannot withstand freezing temperatures. Once frozen, the silica’s molecular structure is modified and it will not go back into solution. We also recommend that you do not drink directly from the bottle as it can become contaminated with bacteria from your mouth.

Shelf life of the minerals is 3 years.

How are the mineral products manufactured?

Our mineral products are produced in a state of the art manufacturing facility for the bottling of liquid products. Imitating the intricate processes found in nature, these minerals, which are food grade, pharmaceutical grade, or derived from natural sources, are made using a highly technical, proprietary technology to create Angstrom-sized mineral particles and combine them with ultra-pure activated water. These elemental mineral ions are able to exist in a perfect polar and ionic/water-soluble form. The purer the water the more efficiently minerals are activated into their electrically charged ionic state.

Our mineral products use water that is purified at the manufacturing facility using a unique proprietary process which encompasses intensified reverse osmosis, ultra filtration and UV light. The product label states the minimal dose recommended to maintain an individual’s daily requirements. It is based on an individual weighing 100-150 lbs. The amounts appear small because these water-soluble minerals are approximately 100% bio-available and are fully assimilated by the body. As such, smaller and safer dosages are able to be used.

Are your minerals organic?

All minerals are inorganic by definition. Eidon minerals are not sourced from plant material and therefore have no organic compounds incorporated with them.

What is the difference between Silica and Silicosis?

Q. “What is the difference between your product and what OSHA is talking about below?* Do I now have to be concerned about my health?”

*U.S. Department of Labor Occupational Safety & Health Administration Safety and Health Topics: Silica, Crystalline Silicosis is a disabling, nonreversible and sometimes fatal lung disease caused by overexposure to respirable crystalline silica. More than one million U.S. workers are exposed to crystalline silica, and each year more than 250 die from silicosis. There is no cure for the disease, but it is 100 percent preventable if employers, workers, and health professionals work together to reduce exposures.

A. This is a good question, which we get asked frequently.

Crystalline silica is silica dust. If you are working in an environment where there is a lot of silica particulates in the air and you inhale it you may create problems for your lungs which could lead to cancer.  In reality, if you inhale anything into your lungs other than clean air, you stand the chance of creating a significant lung problem. Smoking is a perfect example. Driving on a crowded freeway is another example. We are not designed to obtain our nutrients via our lungs but rather from the food we eat and the water we drink. Specific vocations expose people to excessive amounts of silica dust. The people who become affected are those who do not take adequate precautions to protect their lungs.

Silica in its nutrient form in water or food is a normal and natural delivery mechanism. It is an essential nutrient just like carbon. Inhaling excessive amounts of carbon from burning wood will kill one quite quickly and yet carbon is the second most prevalent element in our body. I hope this answers your question. Drink Eidon silica in good health knowing it is completely safe.

Do you accept Wholesale and Bulk Orders?

Yes. Call us at 1-800-700-1169 to find out how you can add our minerals to your food and/or skin care formulas, or sell them in your retail store – or health care practice.

Mineral FAQs

Why do we need mineral supplements?

Our bodies are made primarily of water and minerals, both of which are essential to every function within the human body. A proper balance of minerals is required for appropriate function and electrical conductivity. An excess or deficiency of any one mineral can throw the body out of its delicate health balance. When the body goes out of balance, disease can set in.

Carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and vitamins are all organic substances – they are compounds of the chemical element carbon. In addition to these organic nutrients, the human body requires certain chemical elements in their inorganic forms, or not bound to carbon. These elements in their non-organic forms are classified as dietary minerals. Before the depletion of soils and the use of synthetic fertilizers and modern manufacturing processes, plants were rich with a usable form of the minerals, vitamins and other nutrients that our bodies need. Now, in order to get the daily requirement of these essential elements, we would need to eat an unrealistic amount of food because the nutrients are no longer there. This is where supplements come in.

What are water-soluble minerals?

Water-soluble minerals are unique from other mineral supplements because they utilize a new proprietary scientific technology that transforms insoluble minerals (metals) into angstrom-sized water-soluble particles. An angstrom is 1/10,000th of a micron, which is a millionth of a meter. Previously, only plants, with help from the sun and organisms in the soil, had the ability to reduce minerals (metals) to angstrom-sized particles. The ability of a mineral to be utilized by the body is primarily a matter of size. If you get the particle size of the mineral small enough, you not only get the mineral into the body (absorption), but you also accomplish cell assimilation, which is the key to fully utilizing the benefits of mineral nutrients. Because these water-soluble minerals are not dependent on the digestive or enzymatic functions of the body, they work extraordinarily well for older people and others with diminished body system abilities. They are also easier for children and older people to swallow than pills or capsules.

Are water-soluble minerals better than pill or capsule form?

We believe the criteria for proper utilization and absorption of all minerals, vitamins and other nutrients is dependent on their size and absorbability, also called bioavailability. No matter what the body takes in, it has to “liquify” it in order to be able to use it. The challenge with most traditional pill and capsule supplements is that they usually have been processed with intense pressure, heat, paraffin coatings, and fillers. This “complex” nutrient form is difficult for the body to break down as it is not in the desired form the body needs. Just because a substance may be present in a compound, does not mean that it can be used. Rust is not a bioavailable source of iron, and pennies are not a bioavailable source of copper. Although a substance may be present in a compound, it does not mean it can be used.

Body absorption of the desired elemental mineral from pills and capsules is often less than 10%, with cell assimilation being almost immeasurable. In addition, pills and capsules require significant digestion before any type of effective absorption can take place. Due to consumption of foods heavily laden with preservatives, drinking highly acidic beverages such as soda and coffee, exposure to environmental toxins, as well as the normal aging process, the digestive capacity of most individuals is significantly compromised. Therefore, mineral supplements provided in pill/capsule/tablet form provide fractional benefits to the body at best due to their challenges with both absorption and assimilation in the body. Even liquefied suspensions are not in a pure design, these are simply a suspension of small particles in water. Grinding up a pill and suspending it in water does not increase its bioavailability any more than putting dirt in water (making mud) increases its bioavailability. When minerals are truly water-soluble, they provide significant health benefits superior to any other supplement form.

What is Eidon Silica Mineral Supplement?

by Fred Elsner Chief Chemist, Eidon, Inc.

Eidon Silica Mineral Supplement is a solution of silicic acid, Si(OH)4 in water – the concentration of which is approximately 2.5% by weight (measured as silica, SiO2). Silicic acid is absorbed in the human gastrointestinal (GI) tract and transported throughout the body where it is used in the production and maintenance of collagen and connective tissue. Animal studies have demonstrated that silica is an essential trace element and that a deficiency of silica in the diet can produce dramatic bone and cartilage abnormalities.

Silicic acid is stable in solution at very low concentrations, but will combine to form oligomers at higher concentrations (above – 100ppm) as show in the following chemical equation:

silicic acid equation

Note that there is an equilibrium condition between silicic acid and oligomers which means that as silicic acid is removed (i.e. absorbed by the GI tract), the remaining oligomers break down to form additional silicic acid. In this way, Eidon Silica Mineral Supplement will provide as much silicic acid as the body demands. The particle size of the oligomers is less than 10 nanometers which allows them to be readily dispersed in solution. Eidon’s Silica has a faint bluish haze, owing to the tendency of these small particles to form larger agglomerates, which can nonetheless be easily broken down to silicic acid. The bluish haze is created because of the tendency of silica oligomers to reflect the blue portion of the visible light spectrum, similar to air or water molecules. During the production of Eidon’s Silica the pH is adjusted to be very close to neutral and typically lies in the range of pH=7-8 (the typical pH of tap water, eggs or crackers). Silicic acid is completely non-toxic.

Why is particle size important to absorption?

Chelated and colloidal particles are far too large for cell assimilation in the body. These particles will be caught up in the blood stream and subsequently deposited, building up in various parts of the body, contributing to diseases such as kidney stones, bone spurs and hardening of the arteries. Toxic buildup of colloidal minerals such as lead and aluminum is known as heavy-metal poisoning.

The body’s ability to utilize a mineral is primarily a matter of size and solubility. If the mineral particles can be reduced down small enough, they can then be absorbed by the body without the need for them to be broken down into a less usable form through the process of digestion. The most important issue for absorption of a mineral is making sure it is in its ionic form. The dominant factor is that the mineral must be freed from whatever matrix it is contained within so it can be recognized and taken up by the body. Being in its ionic form helps the body recognize and use the minerals.

Can I take too much of a water-soluble mineral?

As with all supplements, more is not always better. Any compound taken in extreme excess can be unhealthy for the body. There cannot be a blanket statement to cover all compounds, or even minerals and vitamins. Each respective ingredient has its own “biochemical uniqueness.”

The RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) of a nutrient is a suggested maximum amount to be taken each day. Because of their bioavailability, the dosage amount for liquid ionic minerals is less than the RDA since the entire dosage is usable by the body. Remember, body absorption of the desired elemental mineral from pills and capsules is often less than 10%. So, for example, if you take a 500 mg. capsule, your body may only be able to use 50 mg of it at the most. We suggest following the recommended dosages provided on each product. Larger doses should be taken under the advice of a healthcare professional. There are also some minerals that are very powerful and should be taken carefully. For example, iron and selenium are two elements that should be taken in small doses unless otherwise advised by a health care professional.

How long will it take before I see results?

With nutrition, we are giving the body what it needs to heal itself and rebuild itself anew and this takes time. To build a better body, we have to wait on the natural turnover of the body’s cells. A blood cell lasts 60-120 days. In 3-4 months your whole blood supply is completely replaced. In 6 months almost all the proteins in your body die and are replaced, even the DNA of your genes. In a year all your bones and even the enamel of your teeth is replaced, constructed entirely out of the nutrients you eat. Think of it this way: if you take a neglected houseplant and start feeding and watering it, the leaves may perk up a bit from the improved nutrition. But you have to wait for old leaves to be cast off and new leaves to grow before you get a really healthy plant.

Silica and Womens Health Issues

Q. “I would like to ask you about your Silica. How much is needed to dissolve calcium deposits? Where does your silica come from, Horsetail Rush? Does it effect a woman’s hormones in any way; raise estrogen, Dhea, Testosterone, or Progesterone?”

A. (From Rick Wagner, President & CEO Eidon Minerals, Inc.) I achieved excellent results with dissolving the calcium deposits on my neck with a daily dose of 375mgs/day. It took between 6 and 9 months. Larger doses will accelerate the process. We know of no toxic dose of Eidon silica.

Our silica is sourced from silica sand mined in the southeast U.S. Silica does seem to help stabilize hormone production and regulation in some women and men. Some women have seen improvement in the symptoms of menopause when supplementing with silica. This has not been a universal reaction and we have no idea as to the physiological mechanism at work. There is no scientific research validating or disproving these anecdotal statements. However, all minerals function in the body by catalyzing cellular enzymes. These enzymes control every function of every cell. An optimal balance of all essential minerals is essential for proper cellular function at all levels. Proper hormone levels are directly related to this optimal mineral balance. It isn’t just one or two minerals that control the entire endocrine system. Take a look at our hair mineral analysis program. It is the best way to establish your current mineral status and to obtain direction on what you should be supplementing with to reestablish an optimal mineral balance.

Supplementing with any (one) mineral will not directly change any hormone level as far as I know. Achieving a balance will give your cells the catalysts they need to function properly – this includes magnesium. A proper diet, exercise, and stress management are also very important. To achieve a good well functioning endocrine system though you must strive for complete mineral balance. The Eidon hair test program is a very good start in this direction.

Is Magnesium a good sleeping aid?

Our liquid magnesium is very effective sleep aid. Also, you should refrain from eating any refined sugar, flour, or caffeine at least 3 hours before bedtime. Ideally, you should completely eliminate white sugar and flour from your diet. Like the common cold, the origins of insomnia can be mysterious, as sleep can be affected by factors as varied as food and drink, mental state or physical pain.

As a natural muscle relaxant, Magnesium is considered the anti-stress mineral. It is a natural tranquilizer, as it functions to relax skeletal muscles as well as the smooth muscles of blood vessels and the gastrointestinal tract. In addition to being a natural tranquilizer, because of its influence on the heart, magnesium is considered important in preventing coronary artery spasm, a significant cause of heart attacks.

To function optimally, magnesium must be balanced in the body with calcium, phosphorus, potassium, and sodium chloride. For example, with low magnesium, more calcium flows into the vascular muscle cells, which contracts them-leading to tighter vessels and higher blood pressure. Adequate magnesium levels prevent this from happening.

What’s the difference between Eidon Multiple Minerals and Trace Minerals?

Any time you can enhance your tissue mineral status by supplementing with essential minerals you are doing yourself a great favor that will ultimately improve your quality of life. The type of minerals you select to take will impact you in different ways. We get a lot of inquires asking us to describe the difference between our multiple mineral and the product from Trace Minerals. Following is the difference.

Eidon’s Multiple Mineral has been formulated to deliver specific minerals known to be essential for daily health in a purified water and silica base. It is the only silica based liquid multiple mineral supplement available at any price. Silica is so lacking in our diets today that most if not all collagen disorders can be traced to its deficiency. To this base we then add the most well known essential minerals necessary on a day-to-day basis. These other minerals are not added haphazardly, but in specific amounts and balances as one would find in human tissue. Our formula reflects the most current understanding for optimal balance in a mineral formula. The macro-minerals, calcium and magnesium, are kept in a 1:1 ratio to correct the erroneous dietary trend of high calcium and low magnesium intake. The delicate triad of zinc, copper and manganese are kept in a specific ratio so as not to imbalance each other. Higher and equal levels of selenium and chromium compliment the zinc, copper and manganese ratio. Boron is utilized with silica in proportion to calcium and magnesium. Iron and copper are included with careful attention to the zinc triad. Iodine, potassium and sulfur put finishing touches on the formula within the current acceptability guidelines for tissue mineral balance.

There are many more mineral and gas elements identified on the Periodic Chart of the Elements. The essentiality of each has not been established to the point where we deemed them necessary to include in our formulation. As the essentiality of these other trace elements is established they will be included in our formula.

On the other side of the spectrum are multiple mineral blends derived from sources the manufacturer feels offers a complete spectrum of minerals. These sources include ocean water, water from inland salt lakes (Great Salt Lake and The Dead Sea) or ancient organic plant deposits through which water has been passed through. Trace Minerals derives their multiple from The Great Salt Lake-a body of water that does not support life. This may or may not provide the proper blend of minerals for human use and may or may not contain elements that are required by the human body.

It is my belief, that the optimal blend for a multiple mineral supplement is an unknown, which is truly frustrating. We do know that minerals are required on a daily basis and they are absolutely essential for maintaining health. Some minerals are more obviously utilized by everyone, and these are the minerals we have included in the Eidon Multiple Mineral blend. Our Multiple mineral was scientifically formulated to include minerals that can be safely used by everyone without question. More is not always better when it comes to the delicate balance of the human body.

The decision as to what supplement is best for the consumer is best left up to the consumer after doing their own research. The most important thing to recognize is that we all require minerals, and a liquid, bio-available form is best for complete absorption.

Are there additives, sweeteners or preservatives included?

In a word, no. Our minerals are simply the mineral and purified water. This makes our products safe and effective for diabetics or any one concerned about additional ingredients.