Managing Candida for a Healthier Life

Cleansing the inside of our bodies is actually more crucial to our health than cleansing the outside. We remain a germ-phobic society with our anti-bacterial soap and travel size sanitizers to make sure we are squeaky clean. We wouldn’t think about going out in public with years of built up dirt and gunk on our public self; yet, we walk around with mutating fungi invading our healthy interior tissue and creating a myriad of physical and emotional problems. We then look for band-aid cures such as anti-fungal creams or anti-anxiety medication or digestive aids, and the list goes on; but attacking the root cause is the only way to begin the return to health. This is the only way we can continue to stay healthy.

Many books have been written about the dangerous and insidious nature of candida. It is theorized that at least 85% of the population has systemic candida. This is a result of our eating habits, our medical protocols, and increased and ongoing stress levels, and includes not only emotional stress but the physical stress from toxins such mercury from amalgam fillings. Eating yogurt will not take care of candida as you may have been led to believe. The only sure way to get rid of it is to completely change your eating habits and take a candida remedy that really works on multiple strains. This condition did not happen overnight and it will not go away overnight, but it is worth the battle. There are many suggested anti-candida diets that you can find in the library, on the internet and in some health journals. Eliminating foods that feed candida is a very important part of the process and should not be underestimated. Once you are candida free you can moderately reintroduce some of the foods you love as long as they are not refined or contain sugar.

Granted, we have to pick our battles these days but what better challenge than reducing the odds of an autoimmune disease, environmental and food allergies, psoriasis, insomnia, depression, etc. and according to Dr. Tulio Simoncini, cancer. Candida will not subside on its own and will wreak havoc if left to proliferate. Dr. Simoncini has some excellent research on this issue that you can watch on YouTube.