Iodine and Thyroid Protection

Due to the earthquake disaster in Japan and the associated damage to one or more nuclear reactors, awareness for the need for iodine as thyroid protection is widespread on all news media.

Eidon manufactures a liquid iodine supplement perfectly suited for protection of not only the thyroid, but also the tissues of the breast, and prostate from the impact of radioactive iodine-131 absorption.

If your thyroid is replete with elemental iodine the radioactive iodine-131 will not be absorbed into this organ. The same holds true for breast and prostate tissues.

A number of questions surround dosage and side affects. I will try to answer them here.

  • WHAT KIND OF IODINE IS EIDON’S IODINE? Eidon’s Iodine is made from Potassium Iodide (KI) salt. This is the raw material recommended by all health professionals for most if not all health and medicinal applications of Iodine.

  • HOW MUCH IODINE SHOULD I TAKE? There is a lot of confusion surrounding this question. The recommendation of 130mgs per dose is seen a lot in the media surrounding radioactive exposure. In my opinion, this is an excessive dose which should only be used in cases of direct and large dose exposure to radioactive material: perhaps appropriate if you were in a 10 or 20 mile radius of a major release of radioactive material and had a severely depleted Thyroid. The objective of our recommended dosing is to provide an adequate supply of iodine to the thyroid daily to maintain proper levels. The amount each person needs is going to be quite variable.

  • EIDON’S RECOMMENDATION. We recommend anyone taking our iodine start out with the suggested dose of 2 drops daily (.225mgs) and work up to between 5 and 10 drops daily. This level of dosing should be adequate for most individuals to achieve iodine replete thyroid tissue. If you desire to take more, increase your dosing slowly up to a maximum of 30 drops daily (3.4mgs).

  • POTENTIAL SIDE EFFECTS. It is very important to understand another important use of supplemental iodine. Iodine is a very effective heavy metal mobilizer and chealator. Unfortunately, today a large majority of the US population is toxic in one or more heavy metals including mercury, lead, and cadmium. Excessive ingestion of iodine, in any form, will create releases of heavy metals into the blood stream that the average individual will have extreme difficulty dealing with and create numerous side effects. Potential effects could range from feelings of metabolic hyperactivity; inability to sleep, anxiety, and nervousness to feelings of fatigue, foggy thinking, temperature sensitivity, rashes, candida and general malaise. If you feel any odd side effects including these it is essential you understand that it isn’t a reaction of the body to the iodine, but rather to the heavy metals mobilized by the iodine. In any case, if you begin to feel poorly as you increase your iodine intake, just back off a bit to a dose which does not make you feel any negative side effects.

  • OTHER HELPFUL MINERALS. It is important to understand that being replete in all of your elemental minerals is essential when dealing with excessive loads of toxic elements, chemical compounds or stresses of any nature. As a solution we recommend also supplementing with:  Selenium, Immune Support, and Multiple Minerals.